What Bioglitter Shines the Most?

Bioglitter has hit the markets, and it is becoming more and more popular. People who buy Bioglitter do so to ensure that they are making eco-friendly, earth-conscious choices when they buy disposable products. When choosing a new Bioglitter, many people want to pick the option that shines the brightest, so what Bioglitter shines the most?

Biogliotter Sparkle and Bioglitter HOLO are the shiniest Bioglitters available on the market. Bioglitter Pure is a great option but focuses more on earth tones and neutrals. So if you really want to add glitz and glam to your aesthetic, go for Sparkle or HOLO.

Glitter is an integral part of many people's lives. It livens up makeup, adds a special spark to gifts, and draws attention to products. People use it for birthdays, holidays, weddings and other special occasions. Glitter provides dimension and elegance to many aesthetics. 

Bioglitter™ HOLO

Bioglitter HOLO is the first holographic eco-friendly glitter available on the market. It does not leave behind harmful microplastics because it is a plant-based glitter. The glitter was hard to manufacture because the etched pattern required to create it is hard to place on plant materials. The plant material usually breaks down easily when the pattern is etched. 

Now you can use holographic Bioglitter without destroying the glitter's eucalyptus core. The result is Bioglitter HOLO.

Bioglitter HOLO Certifications

High-quality, world-renown certifications back Bioglitter HOLOs' claim to fame. Bioglitter HOLO's certification is prestigious and makes it even more marketable. 

Safe for Toys

It is difficult to acquire certification from the FDA for toys. There are numerous toy safety standards in the United States that put pressure on many manufacturers. Bioglitter has successfully taken the hassle away from manufacturers and went out and got thede certifications on their own. Now people can buy the glitter knowing that it is toy safe because it has the following certifications for toy safety:

  • EN71-1 2014 Safety of Toys: Mechanical and physical properties

  • EN71-2 2011 + A1:2014 Safety of Toys: Flammability

  • EN71-3 2013 + A1:2019 Safety of Toys: Migration of certain elements

  • EN71-9 Primary Aromatic Amines, Formaldehyde (Textiles)

Certified Water Biodegradeable

When we are done using glitter, it is usually washed off in the sink or shower. That means the glitter gets into our sewer pipes and septic systems. This runs into natural water sources and eventually out into the ocean. 

Regular glitter cannot be broken down when it is exposed to natural water sources. It leaves behind microplastics in the water, which are then ingested by humans, fish, and other animals. That means that you likely have microplastics in your body right now without even realizing it.

Bioglitter HOLO aimed to stop this trend. It went for the TUV biodegradability certification. This organization is the only independent testing facility that offers this testing worldwide. At the end of the test, they determine whether or not the glitter or product is ‘OK WATER Biodegradeable.’ After testing Bioglitter HOLO, it was determined that it had achieved this certification.

The Bioglitter is tested in water that mimics where it would naturally be found. They also provide testing in man-made environments to see if the glitter shows up in trace amounts. Think garden compost heaps and compost bins. 

Independent testing facilities are important because they are not backed by large corporate conglomerates looking to market a product a certain way. Independent testing does not include a bias and does not happen in house. The results have an honest scientific backing.

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Holographic Glitter Colors

Currently, Bioglitter HOLO only comes in silver. This silver glitter is very shiny and can be used in makeup or crafting applications. It comes in different sizes to meet each individual's needs, making it a versatile glitter. There are talks of producing holographic glitter that is biodegradable in different colors in the future.

Bioglitter Sparkle

Bioglitter Sparkle is the other superluminescent glitter available on the market. Bioglitter Sparkle is ideal for makeup applications as it gives the perfect whimsical look. It is utterly breathtaking and available in numerous color options. Some of the colors you can buy are:

  • Pink

  • Green

  • Silver

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Black

  • Gold

  • Orange

The color options are endless. You can even take multiple Bioglitter Sparkle options and mix them together to make a deeper, more dimensional look. 

Applying Bioglitter Sparkle and HOLO

If you have gotten your hands on some Bioglitter Sparkle or Bioglitter HOLO, then you probably want to play around with it and try applying it with your makeup. If you have never used these products before or glitter in with your makeup in general, you may be a little confused. Here are some simple steps to apply it:

  1. Pick out the loose glitter you want to apply to your skin

  2. Grab out your daily moisturizer, lip balm, or sunscreen to use as a base.

  3. Apply the medium directly to your skin and press glitter over the top.

Remove Your Bioglitter Sparkle and HOLO

After you are done rocking your new glitter look, it is time to take it off. Since Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter HOLO are biodegradable, the removal process is a cinch. Just follow these directions:

  1. You can remove glitter with a soft oil or oil-based makeup remover applied to a cotton round or tissue.

  2. Swipe away from your eyes when removing glitter from your face.

  3. For each swipe, use a fresh side.

  4. Use a Q-tip dipped in oil or remover to remove glitter stuck between your eyelashes.

  5. Get rid of it in the garbage knowing you are not harming the environment!

Affordable Alternative

While buying regular commercial glitter seems like it would be more affordable, it actually isn’t. Bioglitter Sparkle and Bioglitter HOLO come in numerous sizes, so it is affordable for anyone's needs. For $15 or less, you can get your hands on gorgeous, sustainable, and eco-friendly glitter. Not only will you help the environment, but you will also be doing your face and body a favor when you use a plant-based natural product

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure




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