Not All Cellulose Based Glitters Are Good. End Microplastics in the Ocean

There are many attempts from beauty shoppers to reduce the use of plastics in cosmetics, but even the best intentions are not enough sometimes if you do not know what your product actually does to the environment. Here we will tell you how to get a real biodegradable cosmetic glitter so you no longer pollute with fake eco-glitters.

The increase of micro-plastics in the ocean is dramatic! It is time now to figure out ways to get rid of standard glitter or stop using it. But we love glitter way too much to give it up! So, with that in mind, let’s see what environmentally friendly glitters can be an alternative to cause no harm to our planet. Remember, not all claims are proved in the market.

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Standard Glitter and the Amount of Plastics in the Ocean

By 2050, scientists are warning us the amount of fish will be three times less than the amount of plastics in the ocean! That is crazy! And many things you are currently doing may actually contribute to this problem. Like plastic glitter. Or the fake biodegradable cosmetic glitters marketed by many companies taking advantage of this opportunity to make false claims.

What standard plastic glitter causes to the environment includes:

  • Plastic glitter is basically shinny micro-plastics, which are almost impossible to remove from the ocean.

  • Micro-plastics in the ocean attract toxins and other dangerous substances that may be ingested by sea organisms.

  • If these dangerous substances are consumed by fish, it may directly have an impact on you, whenever you have seafood.

The Need to Replace Plastic Based Products

Among the many options to replace standard glitter, we should take a closer look at the types of cellulose used to create the products. For instance, one thing is the compostable cellulose, that only degrades under industrial conditions, and another different thing is a naturally biodegradable type of cellulose. Or take cellulose acetate, for example, which is an ingredient used in cigarette butts (do you really want that on your face?).

Here is what you need to look for in a real biodegradable cellulose:

  • Biodegradability proved under natural environment conditions.

  • The cellulose should biodegrade in a month or less.

  • The biodegradability has to be tested in the freshwater test.

  • Being made with plant derived ingredients.

Where Can You Find Real Biodegradable Cosmetic Glitter?

The presence of micro-plastics in the ocean forces the cosmetics industry to revolutionize the glitter manufacturing process creating a plastic free product for the future, which will be the standard glitter of tomorrow. So far, the only company that guarantees this level of biodegradability is Bioglitter. Some of its outstanding characteristics include:

  • The special cellulose it uses derives from eucalyptus hardwoods.

  • It has eco-credentials never achieved by any other glitter company.

  • It is proven to biodegrade in any natural and freshwater environment.

  • It feels softer than any other type of cellulose on the skin.

Luckily, at Today Glitter we only market Bioglitter products, because we know they will make you shine without hurting the planet. This is the glitter you need to help the planet overcome the huge issue of micro-plastics in the ocean. It is time now to shine in an environmentally friendly way!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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