How to Do a Foiling Eyeshadow with Bioglitter™?

The eyes are the windows of the soul and the main feature of our faces. So, it's only natural that we put all our effort into eye-catching makeup. Foiling eyeshadow using Bioglitter™ is the perfect solution to look shiny and fabulous while saving the planet!

Using eyeshadows has become a staple in our day-to-day makeup routine. You can achieve a natural look or go a little over the top. For those days when you want to get out of your comfort zone, a little glitter here and there can definitely amp up any eye-makeup. However, that glitzy look could have a huge impact on the planet that you may not know until now. 

So, keep on reading to get the lowdown on how to make a killer eye-makeup that gives you all the spark while keeping a clean "green conscious."

What Does Foiling Eyeshadow Mean?

To put it simply, foiling eyeshadow is the process of mixing your metallic eyeshadow with any makeup base, whether primer or setting spray, to make it look shinier and last longer. No more fading or smudging! 

This makeup technique gives your powdery eyeshadow a creamy and thicker texture. The process itself is pretty straightforward, and if you use Bioglitter™ instead of eyeshadow, you get more sparkle that will last all day long.

How to Do a Foiling Eyeshadow with Bioglitter?

It is foiling time! For this, you will need a primer or makeup setting spray, your favorite eyeshadow, and of course, Bioglitter Sparkle in any color that you choose. Once you have your glitter set, you are ready to go.

STEP #1: But first, let's apply some primer

The first step is to have a clean canvas to work on. Eye makeup primer is essential to start with the right foot. It allows you to improve your skin's texture, helping eye makeup to go on smoothly. If you are out of primer, a dab of concealer or makeup foundation works too.

STEP #2: Apply your favorite matte eyeshadow

Applying the matte shadow first on your upper lid and in the lower lash line can help create a nice color canvas for the glitter to stand out.

It's better to use a shadow that is approved for wet/dry formulation. Once your shadow meets moisture on top (after the foiling), it could get ruined or smudge. 

STEP #3: Prepare your makeup brush

It's time to add the mixing medium. You can either wet the makeup brush with a tad of primer on the bristles or mist it with a setting makeup spray (better option). The idea is that the brush is damp but not full-on wet. Don't oversaturate the brush!

STEP #4: Foil 

Dip your brush on the Bioglitter™ container to pick up plenty of product. It should be fine glitter, preferably XS size. Tap the excess! 

STEP #5: Tap, tap, tap

Then, apply Bioglitter by lightly tapping your brush on the upper lid. The key is to gently swipe using a tapping motion so that the glitter stays in place. It's better if you use a flat brush for precision.

STEP #6: Eyeliner

Swipe on your favorite eyeliner to add a little bit of dimension and get a fierce look.

STEP #7: Don't forget the mascara!

No makeup look is complete without mascara. Curl those eyelashes with the help of the mascara, and there you have it: Professional eye makeup, with the extra help of Bioglitter!

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Why You Should Use Bioglitter™

Most of the ultra-fine cosmetic glitter used for makeup is made out of PLA, aka plastic. So, you are really putting on tiny bits of plastic on your face! It looks shiny and beautiful, but it could cause severe irritation or infection, even blindness if it is near the eyes.

On top of that, when you remove your makeup and wash your face on the sink, these tiny bits of plastic end up in the soils and oceans, contributing to microplastics pollution. And if you didn't know, plastic can take +100 years to decompose!

However, you don't have to give up your fabulous eye makeup. You just have to use Bioglitter! This is an environmental, skin and eye-safe biodegradable glitter made with eucalyptus core instead of plastic. It does not contain toxins. Also, it is not GMO, is not CMR, is allergens-free, and cruelty-free.

You could use our Bioglitter Sparkle, the brightest glitter in the Bioglitter family and 97% plastic-free. Or you could use our Bioglitter Pure, which is the world's first glitter 100% plastic-free for an earthy, truly eco-friendly look!

Glitter Without the Litter

We are the only completely biodegradable glitter in the world. It is specially designed to biodegrade in natural freshwater environments quickly. Actually, it is certified as OK Biodegradable in Water by TÜV, which is the highest level of third-party certification for freshwater biodegradability worldwide.

For some companies, it is easy to make claims and say that they are "100% plastic-free" or "biodegradable." However, to be considered biodegradable, they must:

  • Pass the freshwater test to determine whether or not their glitter is considered microplastic. Also, they should show the results to prove it.

  • Not be compostable glitter.


A true ecoglitter must degrade under NATURAL CONDITIONS. In our case, Bioglitter Pure takes 28 days to reach 92% of biodegradation and only requires water, heat, oxygen, and microorganisms. No litter and no need for composting facilities!

So, now you know! Whenever you want to put a sparkle on your eye makeup, you should ALWAYS choose Bioglitter. We have lots of sizes and colors for you to choose from. Bioglitter gives full-on spark while saving the planet!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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