How Do You Make a Glitter Tumbler Without Epoxy?

In times in which people are more conscious about the future of our planet, the use of eco-friendly alternatives in cosmetics is highly demanded and new ways of making shiny products are becoming popular. Glitter tumbler is beloved by sparkle lovers, but the conventional way of making it is toxic for the environment and is turning many consumers to more sustainable alternatives.

Looking for some epoxy free alternatives to glitter tumbler? Traditional glitter tumbler is toxic for the environment, so why not start making your own eco-friendly glitter tumbler without epoxy? Here is what you need (and what you want) to make this happen!

What Do You Need to Make a Glitter Tumbler without Epoxy?

If you want to start with just a couple of components, you can always rely on bio-glitter for tumblers (here is where you can buy it) to replace epoxy; you could use it in every cup and the variety of options you get from Today Glitter can definitely suit any of your sparkle needs. Here are a few tips:

  • Get Bioglitter Sparkle to make the glitter tumbler shinier and softer than using conventional epoxy-based glitter.

  • Bioglitter Pure may not be as shiny as Bioglitter Sparkle, but if you are looking for a 100% plastic-free, vegan glitter, this is what you want to use!

  • You also need a glitter glue to reduce the amount of layers required for a cup since it enables you to add glitter and is great for sealing too!

Now, if you want to go beyond a simple glitter tumbler without epoxy and go for something a bit more complex instead, you could use a primer and coating effect pigments to create any base color you need. The Bioglitter Deco we offer works wonders on this!

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Why Do You Want to Use Bioglitter?

If it is a matter of creating your favorite sparkle goods without polluting the environment, then you must go for an eco-friendly alternative that can have the same functional benefits as conventional components of glitter tumbler, but with no toxic effects. Therefore, you should consider the following:

  • Bioglitter uses only plant derived materials from sustainable sources and it is proven to biodegrade into harmless matter.

  • It is aluminum and microplastic free and uses naturally sourced raw materials.

  • It is suitable for vegans and allergen free.

  • One of the main ingredients is Shellac, which is approved by the Vegetarian Society; Bioglitter is a vegan glitter perfect for an eco-friendly glitter tumbler.

Not convinced yet? The multiple presentations Bioglitter offers also allow you to use your favorite sparkle for different purposes: 

  • Use the cosmetic line to make incredible makeup designs and face masks that can include lips and use around eyes since Bioglitter Pure complies with all the FDA/USA regulations to be used in those areas.

  • Other great uses of Bioglitter are the decoration and crafting types. For example, use Bioglitter Deco to embellish any ornament around the house, you could even come up with your own mason jar using vegan glitter!

  • And Bioglitter Craft is what you want to use in order to make your own glitter slime since it has been proven to be setting new standards in glitter effect products guaranteeing they will biodegrade quickly and safely in any natural environment! Because more than glitter, what you want to get is a bio-glitter!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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