Where can I buy Bioglitter for tumblers?

Tumblers are an excellent option to avoid the use of disposable cups. We can find different sizes of tumblers and for specific uses, you can carry them everywhere you go. Customizing your tumbler makes it easier to differentiate from others and prevents them from getting lost. Using bioglitter to decorate them is also an ecofriendly idea; keep reading to learn how to do it yourself.

What is the best glitter to use on tumblers?

Tumblers come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. They can be used for hot or cold drinks to keep the temperature. Most people personalize them, but usually, they do it with plastic polymers or paints. Since we use it so close to our mouths and drink from it, the more we can avoid heavy toxic metals and chemicals, the better.

Whether the personalization is printed on the top layer or placed inside your tumblers’ transparent layer, the best option is biodegradable glitter. The use of tumblers helps to decrease the waste created by single-use plastic. To have an utterly eco-friendly product, you need to use the best materials, such as biodegradable glitter. 

Bioglitter offers the world’s first 100% plastic-free and biodegradable glitter, and you can find it at Today Glitter, the first company in North America to become their official reseller. 

Bioglitter reaches a high biodegradation level in just four weeks and is certified by TÜV as biodegradable in freshwater for its 100% plastic-free collection. It also is non-toxic, CMR-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO, allergens-free. It was created to decrease the microplastic pollution that regular plastic glitter generates.

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Bioglitter for arts, crafts and more

If you like to do crafts, you can customize your own tumbler. Bioglitter has a collection specialized in arts and crafts, perfect for decorative coating, printing, and other effect applications. DECO Bioglitter core is made from plant cellulose and is a vegan glitter.

It has been independently tested by OWS Belgium, demonstrating 87% biodegradation in just a month. That is the main difference between Bioglitter and compostable glitter that claims to be biodegradable.

What do you need to customize your tumbler?

For decoration on the top layer, you will need simple ingredients that you probably already have if you are a craft lover. 

The protagonist of this creation is glitter, and you can find a ton of colors at Today Glitter; they also come in different sizes. You can choose your favorite size and color or mix them and make something even more impressive.

You will need a good glue that works on the material of your tumbler. An example is Mod Podge; it is a glue, sealer and finish designed for craft and art projects. It does not have a very strong smell like most of the glues, and it dries fast.

We recommend using craft paintbrushes either to spread the glue as to apply the glitter coats. Brushes make it easier to achieve a smooth coat of glue, but you can use what works better for you.

To protect your design, use a resin. Make sure it is a clear one. Epoxy is a good one for this type of handcrafts. Do not forget to use gloves so you don’t get in contact with any of the materials, protecting your hands and avoiding fingerprints on the tumbler.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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