Does Biodegradable Glitter Dissolve in Water?

If you were thinking that once Bioglitter hits the water it is gone, then let us clarify something for you; you do not want an actual eco-glitter to dissolve in plain water. Microorganisms are needed to transform the bio-glitter into harmless substances like biomass, carbon dioxide, and water. Without microorganisms, the decomposition process just would not happen!

While the need for more environmentally friendly products keeps increasing, there must be some sort of guarantee for conscious sparkle lovers that the glitter they are getting is actually harmless for our planet. One way to achieve this is to get certified products; Bioglitter holds the TÜV’s OK Biodegradable WATER certification, which guarantees it biodegrades in natural environments, but what exactly does this mean? Let’s find out!

What Is the Criteria for the OK Biodegradable WATER Certification?

In order to contribute to the reduction of pollution in lakes, rivers, and any other natural freshwater environment, a real naturally biodegradable glitter needs to meet the biodegradation and eco-toxicity criteria to reach the status of being an Ok Biodegradable WATER certified product that is going to be harmless for the environment.


  • An environmentally-friendly glitter needs to pass the freshwater test to prove it biodegrades in nature.

  • Bioglitter is the only glitter on the market that has passed the fresh water test.

  • A truly biodegradable glitter should achieve around 90% biodegradation in 1 month or less.

  • A harmless product for the planet should also meet the biodegradability requirements of EN14987.

  • The test should be conducted by an ISO17025 approved laboratory.


The shiny product claiming to be a harmless biodegradable glitter should also pass the aquatic eco-toxicity analysis. If its data meet the eco-toxicity requirements, then its process certification has been a success.

  • Why is the TÜV's OK biodegradable WATER certification important?

  • TÜV is an independent third party that offers a trusted certification; the product tested is granted a unique certification and serial code logo that can be verified on the TÜV’s website. This means the certified products are guaranteed by TÜV to biodegrade in any natural freshwater environment, which is where the glitter you use will most likely end up.

  • What Can Guarantee Bioglitter with the TÜV’s Certification?

  • Thanks to the special plant-derived materials used by Bioglitter in its manufacturing process, this authentic biodegradable glitter is PROVEN to biodegrade into harmless substances in the natural environment (according to international standards). So, this certification can prevent you from being greenwashed by misleading claims and also guarantee you the glitter you use will decompose in nature once you are done having fun with it!

    • This is the case of Bioglitter PURE, that holds the TÜV’s OK Biodegradable WATER Certification with Logo Serial No. S0933 and fulfills the two ultimate goals intended by Bioglitter: the removal of micro-plastics in the glitter industry and being biodegradable in any natural environment.

    • Remember that you cannot trust products that have not been granted this certification as they probably contain micro-plastics and do not biodegrade in nature.



    • Thank you so much this information that I needed and wanted so much to be educated on such a product. I will be implementing this in many of my arts and crafts, but most of all informing others that this product is safe for people, but as well for our water system. Thank we as people need to educate ourselves more on reading.

      Lois G
    • Are there bioglitters or tiny shiny balls that are soluble in water? That are soluble within seconds?


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