What Is No-Plastic Glitter Made of?

No-plastic glitter is like the responsible daughter in the glitter family that gets good grades and doesn't party until late. It is the right choice if you want to save the environment and diminish pollution while looking sparkly and fabulous all the way. So, when in doubt, always go for a true ecoglitter like Bioglitter PURE. You won't regret it, and we will explain to you why.

Not to demonize regular glitter, but this little friend is made of plastic. So, it is everything but eco-friendly. For that reason, to keep up with sustainability and blue beauty trends, there has been a surge of more environmentally-friendly options.

Here, Bioglitter™ PURE makes its shiny debut. And Today Glitter is happy to be the first retailer in the US that sold this biodegradable, completely plastic-free ecoglitter that you can use for your arts, crafts, and makeup looks

What is No-Plastic Glitter?

Bioglitter™ ditches regular glitter's core polyester film and replaces it with a plant cellulose film from eucalyptus of certified plantations that comply with PEFC standards. So, Bioglitter™ is ethically and sustainably sourced from raw materials.

And our Bioglitter™ PURE is the world's first glitter 100% plastic-free! Additionally, it doesn't contain heavy metals, such as aluminum, ammonium, and more.

Even though Bioglitter™ PURE does not have a reflective aluminum layer, and it is slightly less brilliant, it offers a novel opalescent-iridescent effect. Also, it has enhanced formulation compatibility paired with great resistance.

Indeed, due to the physical properties of the raw materials used in Bioglitter™ it is impossible to recreate the traditional iridescent glitter structure. Therefore, we had to go back to basics and came up with a completely different yet effective approach. 

Our soft focus 'Natural' color range was our first offering going into this innovative type of glitter. The 'Vivid' color range, a strong metallic effect, and the 'Opal' color range, a mother of pearl effect, are our most recent color options with extra sparkly benefits.

Being aluminum-free also means that Bioglitter™ PURE is perfectly suitable for use on lips in the US. Additionally, this enhanced formulation compatibility performs well when in liquid and solid soaps.

Additionally, Bioglitter™ PURE is antimony-free with a concentration of <0.5 ppm total content (below detectable levels). Regular polyester glitter can have high antimony levels up to 150ppm, and non-cosmetic polyester grades can have significantly higher levels.  

The antimony in polyester glitter is a by-product of a catalyst used during manufacture and can negatively affect human health. So, having an eco-friendly option without antimony will also protect you and not only the planet. 

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Make Sure Your Ecoglitter Is Really Biodegradable

Bioglitter™ Pure takes 28 days to reach 92% of biodegradation. It decomposes like a leaf in nature, leaving harmless traces behind.

Claiming to be plastic-free or 100% biodegradable is not enough. Hence, Ronald Britton Ltd (the creators of Bioglitter™) uses TÜV OK biodegradable WATER certification as a transparent and straightforward way of communicating this fact to the customers. After all, eco-credentials are of the utmost importance!

The reality is that many companies that claim their glitter is biodegradable might be simply lying about the nature of their product. Their glitter may not decompose in nature, or it may need to be discarded in composting bins as they require complex composting processes to degrade or recycle.

Bioglitter™ Pure passes the free water test and has the credentials to prove it! It just needs natural conditions and the help of bacteria, heat, and oxygen to turn into biomass and carbon dioxide. Also, it comes in sustainable and reusable packaging.

Bioglitter™ has won awards like:

  • "Green and Sustainability" category in PCHI Fountain Awards China (2019)

  • Gold for innovation at in-cosmetics global (2017 and 2018). Two years in a row.

Additional Benefits from Bioglitter™ PURE

Bioglitter™ Pure also is:

  • CMR free. It does not represent a hazard to human health.

  • Cruelty-free. Neither the product nor its ingredients are tested on animals.

  • GMO-free. It is produced without genetic engineering.

  • Suitable for vegetarians and allergen-free.

  • Non-toxic. It does not contain poisonous substances or heavy metals either.

  • It does not contain FD&C lake pigments, so it is bleed resistant, and all red shades are suitable for use around the eyes.

  • Carmine/cochineal free

Additionally, our products are manufactured in compliance with global cosmetics and rinse-off legislations:

  • European Cosmetic Regulation: 1221

  • Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics

  • Korean Cosmetic Products Act 

  • Industrial Chemicals. Act 1998 and Cosmetic Standards.

Bioglitter™ Pure Has Many Uses!

Bioglitter™ Pure qualifies as a cosmetic grade glitter, and as such, it is compatible with various solvents with high resistance for applications with enamels, gel, and other manicure products. 

Also, it is softer to the touch than regular glitter, making it more comfortable to use on the skin. In blind testing, over 80% of people preferred the more delicate, silky feel of Bioglitter™, which makes it perfect for cosmetics and skincare products.

Now you know: Bioglitter PURE is made of cellulose, not plastic! So when choosing glitter for makeup looks, holiday cards, or decorations, always go green and choose Bioglitter™ instead. We are a 100% plastic-free ecoglitter that will make you shine without polluting the planet.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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