What Is Environmentally Plastic-Free Glitter?

You heard it right! There is an environmentally plastic-free glitter in town, and it is making some buzz for being both eco-friendly and sparkly. Bioglitter is the perfect choice to add shine to your makeup looks or decorations without polluting the planet. So, say goodbye to plastic glitter and greet the true biodegradable glitter, aka Bioglitter!

In a world full of plastic, we have to be aware of our contribution to the problem. From water bottles and plastic bags to wrapping paper, plastic is essential in our lives yet damaging for the planet.

So, when you look at glitter, sublime and beautiful, but also non-essential (although more than a few of us couldn't live without it), you should do the right thing and stop using it, right?

However, you can choose biodegradable glitter instead. And among the biodegradable glitter options available, Bioglitter is setting a new plastic-free glitter standard that is both eco-friendly and innovative. And giving the rest of the glitter brands a run for their money!

The Problem With Regular Glitter

It is widely known that regular glitter is made of plastic (PET or PLA). Because each particle is less than five millimeters long, plastic glitter falls under the definition of microplastic.

And being so tiny, when washed down the drain, glitter translates into countless plastic particles scattered in landfills, rivers, and oceans. 

Hence, microplastics (and yes, glitter is a part of them) keep accumulating in oceans by the minute, posing a real threat to marine life. And the worst part is that it can take more than a hundred years to degrade, so the problem is not resolving any time soon.

So, do we really want to contribute to the pollution of our oceans? Should we ban plastic glitter? For that reason, many alternatives to plastic glitter have surged, claiming to be completely biodegradable or "100% free of plastic."

What Exactly Is Environmentally Plastic-Free Glitter?

If you can't imagine a world without glitter but don't want to pollute the environment, biodegradable plastic-free glitter is the right answer. But a true ecoglitter should be 100% free of plastic or close to it. 

Our Bioglitter has a unique cellulose core derived from eucalyptus hardwoods instead of plastic. The materials are sourced from certified plantations in line with PEFC standards.

Also, Bioglitter is the only and first glitter in the world proven to biodegrade under natural conditions. It degrades just as a leaf would, turning into harmless particles like water, biomass, and carbon dioxide as soon as it touches the ground. Zero waste afterward!

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It only needs bacteria, water, oxygen, and heat to start the biodegradation process. Bioglitter doesn't require special composting facilities, unlike compostable glitter, which is not NATURALLY biodegradable!

Indeed, Bioglitter can degrade in any environment, from soil and compost to wastewater and ocean water. However, these claims are not mere hearsay. 

To be considered naturally biodegradable in any environment, a glitter must pass the freshwater test. And Bioglitter™ holds the 'OK biodegradable WATER' certification by TÜV Austria. This is the highest level of third-party certification for freshwater biodegradability worldwide.

For that reason, Bioglitter stands out as the No. 1 biodegradable glitter in the world and a natural alternative to standard plastic glitter. 

On top of that, Bioglitter is both naturally biodegradable and certified-safe to use in arts and crafts, cosmetics, and body art. Also, it is Verified Microplastic Free by the European Union (EU), ECHA Microplastic Proposal (Jan 2019).

Is Bioglitter Plastic-Free?

Ronald Britton Ltd is no newbie in the glitter market. They launched their first original Bioglitter product back in 2014 to fill a void in the glitter market and in response to the growing microplastics pollution.

After intense research, they followed with Deco Bioglitter SPARKLE, a technical grade glitter specially designed for coating and print applications. This is the brightest product in the Bioglitter™ family, and it is also made from plant materials. It is 97% plastic-free (which is way better than zero percent).

Bioglitter Sparkle was the first glitter in the world proven to have a high performance in natural, freshwater biodegradation testing, with only 3% behind from meeting the OK Biodegradable WATER criteria certification. 

Later on, with Bioglitter™ PURE, Ronald Britton Ltd really upped its game and literally took plastic out of the question.

Bioglitter™ Pure is COMPLETELY plastic-free, setting a high standard in the glitter market. It can achieve 87% biodegradation in under four weeks and proudly holds the OK Biodegradable Water official certification by TÜV.

For those who cannot stand any plastic at all, Bioglitter PURE is the perfect solution!

Our Bioglitter PURE is outstanding as a cosmetic grade glitter. It has a silky, soft touch on the skin, with FDA-approved colors to use on the lips and around the eyes. 

Indeed, Bioglitter Pure has a lovely iridescent effect, softer compared to Bioglitter Sparkle while keeping your eyes safe. Our biodegradable glitter complies with global cosmetics and rinse-off legislation.

With Bioglitter PUREyou get rid of plastic and keep your shine on! Bioglitter offers you a wide range of products, both for decorations and makeup purposes, that are eco-friendly and sparkly as any product of the competition. We are living proof that you can be green and fabulous at the same time!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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