The Best Glitter Store Online: What Should They Sell?

Starting to feel guilty for using products containing micro-plastics? What about your favorite sparkle? Does your glitter contain plastics or aluminum foils that are terrible for the environment? If so, is there a guilt-free alternative to standard glitter? Well, there is: the new Bioglitter plastic free glitter! Find out where you can get it!

Oh, how we love to sparkle! How we love to shine in celebrations with our beloved glitter! But the problem is that conventional glitter is mean towards Mother Earth because its materials never break down. Luckily, some glitter stores online have realized Bioglitter is the next big thing and started to market its products for conscious glitter lovers like you!

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Why Should Bioglitter Be the New Standard Glitter?

The glitter we know, the plastic-based glitter, is terrible for the environment because its micro-plastics easily end up polluting our oceans and negatively affecting marine life. That is why Bioglitter arises as the sustainable alternative to traditional plastic glitter. We truly believe it should become the new standard in glitter as:

  • It is made from a biodegradable film that is extracted from eucalyptus trees, which are sourced from responsibly managed plantations.

  • It does not contain genetically modified materials or materials that have been obtained from genetically modified organisms.

  • It offers almost the same benefits as plastic-based glitter, but without hurting the planet.

  • It only needs heat, water and oxygen for effective biodegradation by micro-organisms.

  • The biodegradation microorganisms transform the Bioglitter products into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

  • The Bioglitter film biodegrades in sea water.

  • It is very stable and does not biodegrade on the shelf.

Why Should Glitter Stores Online Sell Bioglitter? 

Because other types of “biodegradable” glitter are as bad for the environment as plastic based glitter. Take compostable glitter, just to name one. Compostable glitters need very special conditions to start their biodegradation process; they need pressure, specific temperatures and the right bacteria to break down.

They also need to be on a compostable terrain! That means you would have to pick up every little piece of glitter you want to get rid of before taking it to a compostable soil to star biodegradation. And seriously, are you going to do that? There is no way you will do it after getting back home with a celebration hangover!

Bioglitter is the right option for the new generation of environmentally conscious consumers, that is why glitter stores online should make sure to offer the true-ecoglitter if they want to remain as relevant companies in the industry.

Getting Bioglitter Today!

The good news for this new generation of glitter lovers is that Today Glitter is the first authorized retailer partner of the Bioglitter products in the USA. Our online glitter store wants to make you shine without leaving your home and without hurting our planet. We just work with Bioglitter products so no more plastic is on your skin or in the ocean.

The two main options we offer are Bioglitter SPARKLE, that is 92% plastic-free and our brightest glitter, and Bioglitter PURE, that is completely plastic-free and achieves eco-credentials never achieved by any other glitter.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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