Is Biodegradable Glitter Actually Biodegradable?

You may believe you are doing your part for the environment when buying "biodegradable glitter," but does it really biodegrade under natural conditions? Are you sure what truly eco-friendly and biodegradable entails?

The eco-friendly arena may be an unknown territory for most people. Also, it can be highly misleading and full of fake eco-glitters. After all, the new eco-trend, though honorable, can be very profitable for unscrupulous companies putting money over the environment.

This is very dangerous because as a consumer and glitter lover, you may be confident that when disposing of your glitter after use or washing off the product in the sink, the planet will be unharmed, and you won't be contributing to the planet's pollution. 

However, your intentions can be far from the ugly truth if you don't choose carefully. So, we are here to talk about Bioglitter, the real biodegradable and eco-friendly glitter available in the market for you!

Why Choosing a Biodegradable Glitter Is So Important?

When you think of it, glitter essentially translates into countless tiny plastic pieces. And even though plastic can be recycled, glitter is so small that it is almost impossible to retrieve and recollect after being used.

Glitter ends up polluting our landfills and finds its way right into the ocean, where it becomes part of microplastic pollution. Then, these tiny pieces of plastic enter the marine food chain, putting our marine ecosystems in danger and choking many species to death.

So, glitter may seem like a shimmery and harmless piece of decoration. But it really is an ecological hazard that most people aren't aware of.

However, you don't have to forgo glitter! There are eco-friendly options in the market free of plastic that promise to be biodegradable. But which one to choose?

Is Bioglitter™ Actually a Biodegradable Glitter?

Bioglitter is an innovative type of glitter that uses plant-derived eucalyptus cellulose instead of a plastic core. The Bioglitter PURE is the first 100% plastic-free glitter in the world.

Our Bioglitter is the only glitter proven to biodegrade under natural conditions. It degrades just a leaf would in nature in just four weeks, reducing it into harmless particles like water, biomass, and carbon dioxide.

However, rest assured because Bioglitter™ is entirely durable and will not dissolve or decomposed when sheltered in its container. It needs water and environmental microorganisms to start the biodegradation process. 

The only way to guarantee a product biodegrades under natural conditions is through the freshwater test. And we are happy to inform you that TÜV has tested Bioglitter™ as OK Biodegradable WATER, which is the highest third-party certification for biodegradability! 

This means that Bioglitter doesn't contain microplastics and is safe to use in arts and crafts, cosmetics, and body art. Also, it is Verified Microplastic Free by EU, ECHA Microplastic Proposal (Jan 2019).

Bioglitter has also won:

  • Gold for 'innovation' at In-Cosmetics Global two years in a row: 2017 in London and 2018 in Amsterdam.

  • The 'Green and Sustainability' category at PCHI Fountain Awards 2019 in China.

New call-to-actionThe Deal with Fake Biodegradable Glitters

More than a few fake biodegradable glitters claim to be 100% plastic-free and good for the environment. 

Some of the eco-friendly alternatives to plastic-based glitter that are being advertised on the market are:

  • Compostable glitter

  • Cellophane-based glitter

  • PLA glitter

  • Cellulose acetate glitter

But even though these "fake bioglitters" claim to be the real deal, you must not trust them! Sadly, most of the time, they might just be lying about their product's performance or must be disposed on the composting bin. 

So, if they fall off your skin or go down the drain, these fake eco-glitters will pollute the environment the same way plastic glitter does. Hence, you can't put them in your garbage confident that they will biodegrade in nature.

Also, they might be using dangerous chemicals and toxic metals in manufacturing, hazardous for the environment and humans.

For example, thinking that compostable glitter is a good choice for the environment is a terrible misconception that needs to be corrected ASAP! 

To be recycled, compostable glitter requires special facilities with specific temperatures, high pressure, and proper bacteria environment so that it actually biodegrades. 

Unfortunately, this can't be replicated under natural conditions making compostable glitter basically impossible to recycle, just like plastic glitter would normally do. For that reason, compostable glitter is essentially useless!

The Importance of Eco-Credentials

Nowadays, claiming to be "biodegradable" is not good enough. The glitter company has to prove their glitter does biodegrade in the natural environment to ensure that you are getting an actual eco-friendly glitter.

For a glitter to be considered naturally biodegradable, it must comply with:

  • The freshwater test (like our Bioglitter™ does).

  • The company must show the results of the test that proves its biodegradability in nature. If they don't show you the results, they might be trying to greenwash you into believing their product is eco-friendly. 

  • It must be naturally biodegradable, aka under natural conditions.

Bioglitter™ Additional Eco-Friendly Features

Bioglitter™ also is:

  • CMR free. It does not represent a hazard to human health.

  • Cruelty-free. Neither the product nor its ingredients are tested on animals.

  • GMO-free. It is produced without genetic engineering, and its components are not derived from GMOs either.

  • Allergen-free. It doesn't contain common allergens declared by the FDA.

  • Non-toxic. Not containing hazardous or toxic substances. 

  • It doesn't contain heavy metals either. It has less than 0.1% aluminum coating on its layers, making it a practically harmless glitter.

What Is Cosmetic Bioglitter™?

Our biodegradable glitter has many uses, just like regular plastic glitter, but with other benefits, because it is also considered a cosmetic glitter. 

Indeed, Bioglitter is 40% softer on the skin, with FDA-approved colors to use around the eyes or on the lips. You can definitely amp up your makeup looks and get a lot of shimmer without any harm!

Bioglitter™ complies with:

  • Industrial Chemicals. Act 1998 and Cosmetic Standards

  • European Cosmetic Regulation: 1221

  • Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics

  • Korean Cosmetic Products Act 

With Bioglitter, you can rest assured because you will shine without polluting the planet! And in case you were wondering where to purchase the best eco-friendly glitter in the world, you can find it here at Today Glitter. So, contact us and find out all the options in sizes and colors that we have for you.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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