How to Get Rid of Glitter: Plastic-free Glitter

One of the biggest fears of wearing glitter is how to get rid of it once it has been applied. If you are looking for ways to remove glitter, or if you are conscious about the environment and want to eliminate glitter completely after using it, you will be surprised with a plant-based glitter that makes things easier than you think.

We all love using glitter for crafts, decoration, and makeup, but after celebrating that special moment, do you still find glitter all over the place and it is driving you crazy? Relax! We know cleaning glitter is an infuriating ordeal, so here we summarize for you the best tips on how to get rid of glitter for good.

Best Tips to Remove Glitter from your Clothing, House, and Yourself

  • Oil for the win! Use basic oils to remove glitter from your hair. Basic oils include cleansing oils, baby oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc. Take the best basic oil you have on hand and coat your fingers with it, then massage the glittery parts of your hair and let it set for 10 minutes. After that, you will find the oil has loosened the glitter from your hair and it will be ready to easily rinse in the shower.

  • Parents advice! Who can be better at removing glitter from clothing than a parent? Their kids love the shiny stuff but they also make a mess out of their clothes. In case you did not know, most parents normally spray glitter-covered clothing with aerosol hairspray and let it dry before washing it by itself (never with other items because the glitter will reappear there!).

  • Another way to remove glitter from your hair is to blot your scalp with a paper towel sprayed with hairspray, the glitter will adhere to the hairspray and it will be easy to remove since the hairspray will not get stuck in your hair.

  • If you want to remove glitter from your skin

  • In case you are wondering how to get rid of stray glitter bits from your skin if the cotton pad did not cover all the areas, then you should try wrapping scotch tape around your index finger (with the sticky side facing out) to get those tiny bits out of you. Remember to always replace the tape in your finger if it gets covered with glitter or loses its stickiness.

  • In order to remove glitter from your home, you can sweep it into a large pile using a wet paper towel or dryer sheets if there are only tiny bits of glitter on your floor. If the amount of glitter to be removed is already in a pile, you can use a vacuum hose to suck it from your floor.

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Best Tip to Remove Glitter from the Environment

If you are among the conscious glitter consumers that do not want to feel guilty for having fun with a cosmetic that damages the environment, then a plant-based glitter is the right choice for you. Today Glitter is announcing something huge!

A new plastic-free version is being introduced to the market, which will be the first 100% plastic-free glitter in the US. Today Glitter makes it possible and it is proud to be the first company in the US launching such a product! Today Glitter is the first and only verified and approved reseller of Bioglitter in the US. Today Glitter is the first company in the US to offer Bioglitter Pure to any retail consumers! Just take a look at the benefit it offers;

  • It is certified as OK Biodegradable in water by TUV

  • It introduces a new ‘soft focus iridescent’ glitter effect to the market

  • It does not contain any aluminum, which complies with the FDA legislation to use on it lips

  • It does not lose color and it is resistant and suitable to be used dry and mixed with water, oils, alcohols, and soaps.

Today Glitter is the only retailer approved and verified by Bioglitter and Blue Sun International.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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