How Do You Make Glitter Water?

Glitter water is the perfect combination of color, shine, and water. Indeed, watching the swirling clouds of glitter slowly sink to the bottom of a water jar can be very relaxing and soothing. Also, glitter water is a super-easy to make DIY art piece to decorate your house. Just choose ultra-fine Bioglitter, and you are good to go!

Glitter is perfect for decorations, clothing, and makeup. Actually, glitter can be used for pretty much anything you might think of. You just need to add the glitter èt voila: magic, beauty, and sparks everywhere!

But glitter water is a DIY craft that goes beyond adding just water and glitter. There is some science behind it because the glitter will not float beautifully in the water just because... So, take notes to make this DIY piece of decoration like a pro.

A quick tip: while you are at it, choose or Bioglitter™. You will get a biodegradable, vegan glitter with extra spark, and you won't be polluting the planet. Because in case you didn't know, glitter is essentially plastic; and with Bioglitter™, you can be green and artsy-craftsy in a two-for-one deal!

How to Make Glitter Water?

First of all, you will need:

  • A glass jar or clear plastic bottle- about 500mls is perfect, but you can make them any size you want.

  • Rubbing alcohol.

  • Vegetable oil– this slows the movement of the glitter through the water.

  • Ultra-fine Bioglitter™- in a variety of sizes and colors, or choose a single color theme.

  • Food coloring of your choice.

  • Beads (optional).

  • Plastic funnel.

  • Water.

  • Hot glue or Superglue.

Step 1

Pour rubbing alcohol into the glass jar or bottle until one-quarter of the jar is full. Then, add a few drops of food coloring of your choice. Do not use too much so that the glitter really stands out.  

Step 2

Fill the water bottle with vegetable oil, leaving one-half inch free on top. Oil is the secret for glitter to float in the water.

Step 3

Add ultra-fine Bioglitter™ using a plastic funnel. Use as much glitter as desired but remember that too much of it can clump together and stick to the bottom. So, you should aim for a more subtle effect. Add small, shiny beads (optional) for a rattling sound when you shake it.

Step 4

Pour in the water, filling the jar to the top, leaving some space free. It will float over the oil until you gently shake and swirl the bottle. This will also help prevent the glitter from clumping.

Step 5

Secure the lid and rotate the bottle a few times to mix everything. Then, gently shake it and verify the consistency. Add more warm water or oil if needed. When you are happy with the effect, seal it with Superglue.

Why Choosing Bioglitter™ For Your Glitter Water?

Bioglitter™ is made with a high-tech, naturally biodegradable cellulose eucalyptus core instead of plastic. This cellulose comes from certified plantations operating by the PEFC standards.

This special biodegradable film has excellent eco-credentials as it is biodegradable in all environments and natural conditions. 

Additionally, Bioglitter™ does not contain toxins. It is not GMO, not CMR. Also, Bioglitter™ is considered a vegan glitter, cruelty-free, and allergen-free!

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Beware Of Fake Biodegradable Glitters

Bioglitter™ is certified as OK Biodegradable in Water by TÜV, the world's highest third-party certification for biodegradability.

A biodegradability test, also known as the fresh water test, is the only way to know if a product is microplastic or not. 

The biodegradable glitter process of degradation requires what we find in nature: water, heat, oxygen, and microorganisms. And Bioglitter™'s final products are carbon dioxide, water, and biomass.

We cannot stress enough the importance of eco-credentials to prove that a product is genuinely eco-friendly. Many glitter companies claim to be 100% biodegradable or "compostable" but don't have the certifications to prove it.

The reality is that their glitter may not decompose in nature, and they can only be processed if they are discarded in composting bins. They require complex recycling processes to degrade it, involving tons of water, precise temperature, and bacteria setting.
Remember that compostable glitter or PLA glitter are not biodegradable under NATURAL CONDITIONS!

Bioglitter™ Products

We have a variety of products for you to choose from, both for cosmetic and decoration purposes.

Bioglitter™ SPARKLE

  • 92% plastic-free, but the ultimate goal is to remove the last bits of plastics to make it 100% free of plastic.

  • Independently tested by OWS Belgium and proven to be highly biodegradable, up to 87% in four weeks.

  • Vegan glitter, free of heavy metals.

  • It has a silky soft feel on the skin compared to regular polyester-based glitters.
  • It is compatible with various solvents, with high resistance for applications with enamels, gel, and other manicure products.

Bioglitter™ PURE

  • The first 100 % plastic-free glitter in the industry.

  • It holds the OK Biodegradable WATER certification by TÜV with 92% degradation in 28 days.

  • It complies with all the microplastics legislation worldwide.

  • It is a body-safe glitter as it complies with FDA legislation and global cosmetics regulation for use on the lips, skin, and around the eyes for makeup looks.

Bioglitter™ DECO

  • It is the technical grade Bioglitter™.

  • It achieves 87% of biodegradation in 4 weeks.

  • It is specially designed for coating, arts and crafts, and printing applications. 

  • It is not suitable for cosmetics. 

When it is time for DIY crafts and decorations, say NO to plastic glitter and always choose a naturally biodegradable sparkle! Bioglitter has many products available in a wide range of colors and sizes for you to choose from. So, you can have fun while saving the planet! 

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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