Can You Flush Glitter? Make Sure Is Ecoglitter

A true ecoglitter like Bioglitter is the solution to help the planet. Indeed, true biodegradable glitter is a two in one solution! When it is time to clean you can safely wash glitter down the drain. And in doing so, you won't be adding up to the planet's microplastics pollution. Not sure of what we are talking about? Keep reading.

When using glitter, you just have one thing on your mind: making things sparkly and beautiful. Indeed, this applies to makeup, decorations, clothes, and holiday cards (a kid's favorite). 

After letting your imagination fly using different glitter colors, sizes, and combinations, you are left with a big shiny mess. After all, glitter is tiny and gets everywhere, making it a hard job to clean after! 

In this case, you might feel naturally tempted to gather all the glitter up and wash it down the drain. Easy does it. But in doing so, you might be hurting the planet without realizing it. Let's find out why.

Glitter Is Made of Plastic!

News-flash: Regular glitter is made of PLA and PET, which are both plastics. It can also contain glass, and other components considered toxic for humans and the environment, like aluminum, titanium dioxide, and iron oxide.

Hence, glitter is a tiny but full-on ecological hazard! And, due to its small size (less than 5 millimeters), glitter falls into the category of microplastic. Its size also makes it impossible to separate from the rest of the garbage!

Microplastic particles end up polluting our landfills and oceans when they are washed down the sink. And the worst part is that glitter can take up to a hundred years to degrade. 

What Happens to Glitter After Use?

Microplastic waste is ubiquitous in the global environment. And that is a reality that we can't escape from. 

Even though many studies have focused on plastic pollution in the oceans, the story doesn't end there. Since microplastics are found in 25-30% of fish caught in the UK, this translates into people actually eating microplastics via contaminated seafood!

Indeed, when regular glitter hits the ocean, its brightness can draw the attention of marine sea life, including fishes, seabirds, and plankton. And in a non-poetic way of completing the circle of life, glitter ends up finding its way back to us.

Additionally, it has been determined that plastic fibers widely contaminate tap water. Up to 94% of water samples in the UK turned out to be contaminated because current standard water treatment systems can't filter out these tiny particles.

Moreover, apparently, microplastics can attract more harmful pathogens or bacteria found in sewage. So, could this be dangerous for us? We don't know yet. 

Bottled water does not represent a microplastics-free alternative to tap water either, as they have been found in a few samples of commercially bottled water tested in the US. And the same applies to products like beer, honey, and sugar.

In Paris in 2015, researchers even discovered microplastic particles falling from the air. So, the truth is that we live in a world made of plastic! 

And even though we are not sure if ingesting plastic particles is a health risk, we should try to diminish pollution or improve plastic waste management. Hence, one of the recommendations is not to flush down regular plastic glitter or use an ecoglitter instead.

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Bioglitter™ Is the One and Only Real Ecoglitter

Bioglitter uses a special form of cellulose derived from eucalyptus hardwoods instead of a plastic core. The materials are sourced from certified plantations in line with PEFC standards.

Bioglitter PURE is completely 100% plastic-free!

Our Bioglitter is the only glitter worldwide proven to biodegrade under natural conditions. It degrades just as a leaf would in nature under four weeks, turning into water, biomass, and carbon dioxide as soon as it touches the ground.

To prove that, Bioglitterholds the 'OK biodegradable WATER' certification by TÜV Austria. This is the highest level of third-party certification for freshwater biodegradability in the whole world.

Bioglitter™ is an excellent example of a product that can be versatile, beautiful, and most importantly, eco-friendly without compromising performance.

Indeed, Bioglitteris also FDA-approved and safe for use on the skin, lips, and eye area. So you can create beautiful makeup looks without being afraid of contributing to the planet's pollution.

The Truth About Biodegradable Glitter

A lot has been said about biodegradable glitter. Some consider it an eco-friendly solution to regular glitter, while others deem it pretty useless and just as dangerous. However, this is a misconception due to the mere existence of fake biodegradable glitter options.

Indeed, many companies claim their product is free of plastic or biodegradable when the reality is the complete opposite!

For example, compostable glitter is usually marketed as biodegradable glitter, but it needs special conditions and facilities to be recycled. Hence, compostable glitter is not NATURALLY biodegradable. And the same applies to PLA glitter.

Remember, for glitter to be considered naturally biodegradable, it should meet these requirements:

  • The glitter must pass the freshwater test (just like Bioglitter™).

  • The glitter company must show the results of the testing to prove its biodegradability. Don't let yourself be greenwash into buying these products.

  • It must be naturally biodegradable, meaning UNDER NATURAL CONDITIONS.

So, to answer the opening question: Yes! With Bioglitter, you can safely wash your worries down the drain, literally. And here at Today Glitter, we are happy to offer you a variety of options in sizes and colors to keep your spark alive and happy while protecting the planet. 

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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