Blue Beauty and the importance of eco-friendly chunky glitter mix?

You may have heard about Green Beauty and the importance of using clean and sustainably sourced ingredients (where it is hard to imagine a plastic chunky glitter mix). Blue Beauty also revolves around the impact that packaging has on our oceans and marine life.

We could say that Blue Beauty is the new Green Beauty. It covers not only the fact of using sustainable and natural ingredients and products, but these products also need to have recyclable, reusable, and /or refillable packaging.

The Blue Beauty movement is based on limiting our plastic waste, making recycling easier, and preventing toxic materials from reaching the oceans.

What is the problem of chunky glitter mix in the oceans?

Glitter has been popular since its inception, it has been used for many products, cosmetics or not. It is currently mostly used in makeup products to create the perfect eyeshadow effects that we see in movies and festivals.

Plastic glitter has reached the oceans since its inception. Our animals absorb it and eat it, and the food chain makes its way to our gastrointestinal systems. The use of plastic glitter mix is still active since many people do not know the consequences it causes. Since it is not biodegradable, it can take more than a thousand years before it starts to decompose.

The main way that glitter finds its way to the oceans is through sewage systems. When we wash our hands or shower to eliminate the glitter chunk mix that we have used, it goes directly to the oceans. In case we want to throw it away in the garbage believing that this is how we save the oceans, sadly it still does not have a happy ending.

Plastic glitter and its metallic and toxic components are impossible to separate from other types of garbage. Due to their size, they are categorized as microplastics. It would need industrial processes that usually use gigantic amounts of water, and even then it does not guarantee the separation or elimination of the glitter.

Another problem with plastic glitter is greenwashing, and it is that many of the sellers or brands claim that their glitter mix is ​​compostable when they see that many people look for biodegradability in its ingredients. In this way, they disguise the fact that it is not naturally biodegradable.

The good news in favor of collaborating with Blue Beauty is that eco-friendly glitter options still sparkle. The key lies in identifying brands and products where the packaging is reliable to reuse for other purposes. And with this, we refer for example to the biodegradable glitter created by Bioglitter that you can find at Today Glitter.

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This is proof that it is possible to create an eco-friendly product without losing the characteristics that make it so popular. Plastic glitter could be the last thing that would cross your mind as biodegradable, it seemed impossible to recreate in a sustainable way, but it exists.

Genuine Bioglitter is made with a eucalyptus core instead of plastic and it is revolutionizing the use of microplastics. Bioglitter made the world’s first 100% plastic-free and biodegradable glitter. It comes in a ton of colors and different sizes to enjoy. It also is:

  • CMR-free

  • non-Toxic

  • non-GMO 

  • Allergens-free

  • Cruelty-free

It is certified as OK Biodegradable in Water by TÜV. It has win awards at the in-Cosmetics global Make-up Bar Awards (2017 and 2018), and that is why is so popular to use in bath & body products as well to create beautiful makeup looks

Bioglitter Pure takes 28 days to reach 92% of biodegradation. It just needs the help of the natural environment and the bacteria and microorganisms that live in it. Also, it comes in sustainable and reusable packaging.

We don't have to get terrified anymore by letting the glitter go down the drain.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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