Glitter biodegradable: Donde encontras el mejor glitter al por mayor?

In this new era of more environmentally friendly movements, opportunities, and solutions every day, glitter lovers make the world a better place by using and promoting biodegradable glitter. This is the best and unique alternative for all of the plastic-based glitter on the market. That is good news, now the problem seems to be where to find it at a better price and in large quantities. But, worry not. We have the answer for you and a few recommendations where to find the best wholesale glitter. 

What to look for in a Wholesale Glitter?

Professional shoppers know the best prices are for wholesale buyers. Therefore, glitter enthusiasts know they can get it cheaper by buying in bulk. What should you look for in a wholesale glitter?

  • Manufacture: If your wholesale glitter is also the manufacturer of the product, you can be confident that you are getting the best prices, services, and deals. 

  • Quality: The right wholesale will offer you the best quality in their products. Which means top-rated manufacturing materials, a wide variety of colors, and reasonable prices.  

  • Innovative: innovative products are in demand. What is more inventive than ecologic, plant-based products? Eco-friendly is the new trend and the most important one, your wholesaler of choice should offer you innovative ecological products.

  • Transparency: The best wholesale businesses are transparent, meaning they are “see-through”. A transparent wholesaler will not fear to show you all the credentials, and test results that validate their products. That is when you know you purchased a truly high-quality product.

Be Aware of Fake Bio-Glitter 

Finding a genuine bio-friendly wholesale glitter can be complicated for one important reason. There are many companies, industries, and others alike that claim to sell authentic biodegradable glitter, but actually don’t

Don’t get us wrong, we want you to enjoy all the glittery joy and fashion, however, standard plastic glitter is not only toxic, but it is also a major contributor to ocean pollution. This is why it is so important for you to differentiate plastic glitter from bio-glitter.

 Real biodegradable glitter is safe for humans, eco-friendly, and not harmful to the ocean or marine species. Biodegradable glitter (not compostable glitter) is a 100% plant-based glitter. To know if your glitter is biodegradable is simple; it MUST pass the freshwater test. If it doesn’t pass the test then it is not biodegradable for real. 

Luckily, we save you valuable time by searching for the original plant-based glitter in the US market. 

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The Best Biodegradable Glitter on the Market

The more natural it is, the better. Bio-glitter is the one and only eco-friendly glitter on the market with the highest quality standards, and 100% biodegradable. The following are their two Bio-glitter products. 

  • Bioglitter Pure: This is the first 100% plastic-free glitter in the world. It was rewarded with the “Green Sustainability” award in 2019 and Gold for innovation in 2018. For good reasons, as Bioglitter Pure has the OK biodegradable water certification, which gives you absolute trust in the product you receive. 

  • Bioglitter Sparkle: It is the predecessor of Bioglitter Pure. It received the “Green and Sustainability” recognition in the PCHI Awards and Gold for Innovation at In-cosmetics global, 2017. It’s 92% plastic-free and biodegrades in natural environments. It’s the brighter one among the Bio-glitter family, while still being safe to use. 

Find a Bio-Glitter Provider that Works for You

Now that you know the type of glitter you need, we will tell you where to find it. Whether it is for cosmetic use, art projects, or decoration, these suppliers have the perfect quantities of Bio-glitter for you. Blue Sun International is a cosmetic wholesale glitter supplier, is exclusive for the US and sells in bulk. They provide you with both Bio Glitter Pure and Bio Glitter Sparkle in quantities of over 1 kg. 

We hope you find this information useful. As you can see, you can shine with responsibility and cruelty-free products. In Today Glitter we are proud to be the only retailer for Bioglitter products in the US. Once you know where to look there is no problem in finding the best wholesale glitter, choose wisely and go green for the planet. 

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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