Bio-glitter Is the Next Big Thing! From Skincare to Arts and Crafts

There is a new glitter out there for all the sparkle lovers who were worried about the damage traditional plastic-based glitter causes to the environment. It is quickly creating big fuzz in the media and you can clearly see why.

Is giving up glitter too hard for you? We know you are right, the concerns about the damage traditional plastic-based glitter causes to the environment are real. But good news! Now there is a new bio-glitter that means no threat to the environment and vanishes after you are done having fun with it.

It Is the Closest to Organic You Are Going to Get in the Glitter Industry!

Although it is not organic, Bioglitter uses plant-derived materials; its core is a special form of cellulose made from hardwoods, mostly derived from eucalyptus trees. Bioglitter means innovation in glitter; it is the only glitter that guarantees to be biodegradable in any environment. No wonder why it is being such a big sensation in the media!

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What’s all this Buzz About?

Bio-glitter™ and its first authorized retail reseller in the US, Today Glitter, are being featured in the media these days because they offer the closest thing to organic glitter there is in the industry now.

Bustle, the premier digital destination for young women, recently published an article about this new bio-glitter and Today Glitter as the help you need to have a guilt-free shiny look! See the link here.

Bioglitter Guarantees it Degrades in any Environment!

  • It has the certification for passing the fresh water test, which is the only way to guarantee biodegradability in any environment.

  • But it does not mean it dissolves in water, it needs the bacteria from the environment in which it ends up to start its biodegradation process.

  • By being plastic-free and using only plant-derived materials, it will biodegrade in any environment just like a leaf in nature!

Bio-glitter that can Be Used for Many Purposes!

Although it is mostly used for cosmetics, you can still use it for arts and crafts. Kids love it and parents do not need to worry about the mess conventional plastic glitter makes in the room. Bioglitter is the number one favorite glitter for education. 

    What Can You Get in Today Glitter?

    As the only authorized reseller of the Bioglitter products in the US, Today Glitter offers the two main products of the brand currently representing innovation.

    • Bioglitter™ SPARKLE still contains a very small percentage (8%) of plastic derived materials, but it is the brightest glitter in the Bioglitter family. It is proven to be very biodegradable in any environment. Get it for cosmetics and personal care, for the fashion industry or for your children, it will still be the best for any purpose you want!

    • The case for Bioglitter PURE is even more special, by being the first 100% plastic free glitter in history, the biodegradability is more than guaranteed. It sets a new environmental standard in the cosmetics industry. It is also more comfortable on your skin and you can apply it in any part of your body. It is definitely the most eco-friendly in the world!

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    • I need to know the pH range where this is stable. Alkaline soaps, acidic skincare products? I don’t see formulation guidelines.

      Jennifer Dimitriu

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