Daughter of the Sun

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Created by: Daniela Branson  @danielabranson

Comments from the artist: I took a large fluffy brush to define the crease before applying glitter. Then a small flat brush to map out the shale in blue. Then I took a smaller lip brush with a little bit of lip gloss as an adhesive for the glitter and applied it to the eyelids. I used the same lip gloss and tapped into the large plastic free gold and began patting on top of the gloss until I got the desired opacity. To finish things off I cleaned the lip brush and pat into mermaid turquoise in medium and carefully filled In the rest of the shape.

This look is a MIX of 1 of our Cosmetic Certified biodegradable collection colors and 2 of our Eco-Glitter collection colors.  

Our Eco-Glitter collection is a step in the right direction to reduce micro-plastics in the environment. Ideal for oil-based applications and many other cosmetic and personal care formulations. Apply as loose cosmetic glitter to create your favorite make up or festival look or your imagination is the limit to replace traditional plastic glitter.  

Ingredients: Rayon (cellulose Regenerated), Glycerin (plant derived), Aqua, Urea, Styrene/ Acrylates Copolymer, Blue 1 lake, CI 19140, Pigment Red 57:1, Carbon black (non-nano form), Titanium Dioxide, CI 77510 (Ferric ammonium ferrocyanide), CI 77000 (aluminium), CMR-free, cruelty-free, GMO-free, allergen-free, non-toxic, carmine- and cochineal-free. No-Plastic Gold is FDA/USA compliant for use around eyes in sizes XXS/ XS, and lips. Mermaid Turquoise & Fantasy Violet are FDA/USA compliant for use around eyes in sizes XXS/ XS, not lips. It is free of the 14 most common food allergens, Bioglitter is not edible.

Storage/ Shelf Life: We would recommend to use the product within 3 years to ensure optimum condition. Keep in a dry, dark, cool environment out of direct sunlight and away from any direct heat sources and not exposed to microorganisms. 

Cosmetic applications:
Today Glitter is 40% softer than regular plastic glitter. We suggest using an adhesive like aloe gel, lash glue, glitter primer/gel to apply on the skin. Use a makeup brush or fingertips.

The look includes

Today Glitter Fantasy Violet is Bio-glitter Sparkle Violet colour

6G Fantasy Violet (S)

Today Glitter Mermaid Turquoise is Bio-glitter Sparkle Turquoise color

6G Mermaid Turquoise (S)

6G No-Plastic Gold (L)

Around 90% biodegrades in the natural environment in 30 days

  • cmr free

  • Cruelty-free

  • gmo free

  • Allergen free


  • non-toxic

How to apply loose Bioglitter



No more microplastics in the ocean

Today glitter is committed to reduce microplastics in the ocean.