What Is the Best Body-Safe Glitter?

Body-safe glitter is the right answer if you want to take your daily makeup look to the next level, or you just want to shine like there is no tomorrow. But, what glitter can you use? Is it safe? What if it gets into your eyes? Indeed, wearing glitter can be tricky, especially if you don't choose the right type and apply it in the right way.

Dipping yourself in glitter can be tempting, but there are several things to be considered. First of all, there are many types of glitter, and not all of them are precisely for cosmetic use or body-safe.

On top of that, glitter is considered a microplastic! So, when using glitter, you may be putting yourself in danger and also polluting the planet. That can be a real bummer even if you are not a die-hard environmental advocate.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, safe for you and the planet, Bioglitter is your best bet! Keep on reading to find out about this plant-based glitter that will give you the same spark of regular glitter without the litter or annoying skin reactions.

Craft Glitter is a Big No-no

When it comes to body glitter, the first thing you shouldn't do is bring craft glitter anywhere near your face or eyes. Craft glitter is not the same as cosmetic-grade glitter!

They are cut differently and use different dyes. The tiny hexagonal cutting and sharp edges of the craft glitter can damage your skin and cause microscopic tears. Also, the dye used in craft glitter is all chemical-based and not a true pigment that can cause the pigment to bleed, stain, and cause skin irritation or dermatitis.

So, only use cosmetic glitter that clearly states it is SAFE for use on the face and body and is FDA-approved. And even with cosmetic grade glitter, there's still a risk of irritation with every use — especially for those with sensitive skin.

If you experience any redness, burning, or stinging sensation, wash the glitter off immediately. 

The Problem with Microbeads and Glitter

Putting the body-safe part of glitter apart, you must consider that regular glitter is essentially plastic! So, it is an important source of pollution for oceans and rivers. 

Actually, glitter is more dangerous than plastic bottles because it is fabricated in a miniature format from the get-go, which makes it practically impossible to trace and recycle.

Indeed, glitter can take more than a hundred years to degrade, and even though it may not contribute importantly to the total microplastic pollution, we shouldn't add flames to the fuel. 

Apparently, the US government agrees. As of December of 2015, the US Congress passed the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 prohibiting the manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of rinse-off cosmetics containing microbeads (a type of microplastic). 

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So, an official glitter ban seems pretty close, especially since consumer awareness of glitter as a pollutant has increased in the past years. Hence, there is a huge demand for biodegradable glitters or other eco-friendly alternatives.

And no, we are not talking about compostable or PLA glitter. Unfortunately, those fall under the category of "fake biodegradable glitters." Compostable glitter is usually marketed as biodegradable glitter, but it is far from that. It needs special conditions to biodegrade. Hence, compostable glitter is not NATURALLY biodegradable! 

Bioglitter Is Your Eco-Friendly and Skin-Safe Solution

Bioglitter is a plant-based glitter made of cellulose from hardwoods of eucalyptus, not plastic.  

Bioglitter is completely naturally biodegradable, which means that as soon as it touches the natural environment, it will start to degrade with the help of bacteria, water, and high temperatures. In that way, you can have the glitter without the litter! 

To be considered naturally biodegradable in any environment, a glitter must pass the so-called fresh water test. And we are proud to tell you that Bioglitter™ holds the 'OK biodegradable WATER' certification by TÜV Austria. This is the highest level of third-party certification for freshwater biodegradability in the whole world.

For glitter to be considered naturally biodegradable, it should:

  • Pass the fresh water test (just like our Bioglitter does).
  • Be naturally biodegradable, meaning under natural conditions.

The glitter company must show the results of the testing to prove its biodegradability. Eco-credentials are essential! Otherwise, they might be trying to greenwash you into believing their product is eco-friendly. 

Also, Bioglitter is not toxic; it doesn't contain any heavy metals, is not CMR, GMO (it is produced without genetic engineering), and is cruelty-free and allergen-free

Additionally, Bioglitter™ has a 40% softer feel on the skin. It is aluminum-free and FDA-approved to use on the skin, lips, and near the eyes. So, you can recreate beautiful makeup looks without the fear of hurting the planet or yourself! 

Tips to Use Bioglitter™ for Body Painting and Makeups

If you want the glitter look for your lips, you can combine your favorite lip gloss with fine Bioglitter for a high-shine or metallic effect. 

And just like a sticky base can help glitter stick to your lips, so a bit of makeup primer does when applying glitter to your eyes. Your organic facial oil of choice or any aloe gel would work too. Although, if you want extra staying power, you could use eyelash glue instead. 

Also, you can use a damp brush to help apply glitter to your eyes and ensure that it stays put. Add a setting spray to dampen your flat brush for precision and prevent glitter from falling into your eyes.

And remember, when you're ready to remove your glitter, use an oil-based cleanser. In that way, you can make sure every tiny bit of glitter is removed and won't cling to your skin. Also, you can easily wash off the rest of the Bioglitter that may get stuck and safely flush it down the drain without the fear of polluting the planet.

So go ahead and roll around in a pile of glitter if you want to. As long as you have the right type of glitter, aka Bioglitter, you can rest assured that your skin, eyes, and lips will thank you for it. And also, the planet will stay less polluted thanks to you!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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