What is Bioglitter?

In this era, where glitter has been the main character of so many different industries, it is necessary to learn about the best brand, its properties, and the importance of choosing an eco-friendly alternative.

Bioglitter is the brand name of the world’s first plastic-free and certified naturally biodegradable glitter. Created to replace and reduce the regular plastic-based glitter, which generates a high volume of microplastic pollution.

The main characteristic that makes Bioglitter innovative is its composition. Bioglitter eliminates the core polyester film most glitter has; and replaces it with a unique plant cellulose film, primarily from eucalyptus of certified plantations that comply with PEFCTM standards. 

Bioglitter is scientifically proven to biodegrade in natural environments into harmless substances, in just four weeks! It also is:

  • CMR free. It does not represent a hazard to human health.

  • Cruelty-free. Neither the product nor their ingredients were tested on animals.

  • GMO-free. It was produced without genetic engineering and its ingredients are not derived from GMOs either.

  • Allergen-free. Doesn’t contain the most common allergens declared by the FDA.

  • Non-toxic. Not containing poisonous substances. It doesn’t contain heavy metals either.

Also, it has achieved essential certifications that prove how beneficial it is for the environment:

  • “OK Biodegradable WATER” certification by TÜV. Certificate number: S0933.

  • Verified Microplastic Free by ECHA.

  • FDA approved to use on lips.

  • Compliant with global cosmetics and rinse off legislation.

    • European Cosmetic Regulation: 1221

    • Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics

    • Korean Cosmetic Products Act 

    • Industrial Chemicals. Act 1998 and Cosmetic Standards

Bioglitter is biodegradable in freshwater. However, it will not dissolve in water as it needs environmental bacteria and other microorganisms to biodegrade. After entering the natural environment, these microorganisms consume biodegradable glitter and turn it into carbon dioxide, water and biomass. While it is sheltered in its container it's entirely durable.

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What products does Bioglitter offer?

Bioglitter offers three collections for different uses. All of them safe for the environment and human health. These are Bioglitter PURE, Bioglitter SPARKLE, and Bioglitter DECO.

Bioglitter PURE

This is the world’s first glitter 100% plastic-free. It decomposes like a leaf in nature, leaving no traces. It is softer to the touch than regular glitter, making it more comfortable to use on the skin. Bioglitter PURE is perfect for cosmetics and skincare products, it also is the favorite to use on makeup and create astonishing glitter eyeshadows.

Bioglitter SPARKLE

This is the brightest glitter in the Bioglitter family, also based on plant materials. It is 97% plastic-free, it has a high biodegradation performance in freshwater, with only 3% behind from meeting the OK Biodegradable WATER criteria certification. 

Bioglitter DECO

Bioglitter DECO is the technical grade Bioglitter, perfect for coating, printing, and other effect applications. It is safe to use on children’s toys and clothing. It was designed to perform coating, arts and crafts, and printing applications; it is not suitable for cosmetics. It achieves 87% of biodegradation in 4 weeks.

These products have also won awards for its innovation and its cooperation with the environment:

  • Gold for ‘innovation’ at In-Cosmetics Global 2017 (Sparkle) in London, and 2018 in Amsterdam (PURE). Two consecutive years!

  • The ‘Green and Sustainability’ category at the PCHI Fountain Awards 2019 in China. (PURE and Sparkle)

Why is it important to migrate to a biodegradable glitter?

Although plastic can be recycled, due to its size, plastic glitter qualifies as a Microplastic, and it takes more than a hundred years to degrade. Also, the size makes it impossible to separate from other garbage, ending in the oceans and landfills being absorbed by multiple creatures. Bioglitter biodegrades in natural environments without leaving any trace or hazard.

Microplastic may have played only a small part in pollution so far, but starting to make a change early will avoid future catastrophes.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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