What Is Bio-glitter Made Of?

There is a new eco-glitter that is revolutionizing the entire community of sparkle lovers all around the world! In times like these, we all want to be together, so sharing important information is essential! What does Today glitter have that makes it so different from standard glitter? You are about to find out in the next paragraphs!

The cosmetics industry is recently experiencing a new bright hope for sustainability in one of the most beloved products by people in fashion and in arts and crafts, and generally speaking, by anyone who loves a good sparkle in people and things. All these sparkle lovers have the good news of having now a guilt-free bio-glitter to replace the standard plastic glitter that has contributed so much to hurting the planet.

What Does Bioglitter Have?

Let’s begin by saying that this bio-glitter has all the perks of plastic glitter, but it does not hurt the environment. It is basically like standard glitter, only that much better!

This eco-glitter is made of plant-based materials. For instance, instead of the plastic film used in conventional glitter, Bioglitter uses a unique cellulose derived from the fibers of eucalyptus trees, which grow fast, are widely available, and we are careful to choose those extracted from sustainable certified plantations. That is why this environmentally friendly glitter has great sustainability!

Other features of Bioglitter include:

  • Does not contain GMO ingredients

  • Safe for the ocean

  • Suitable for vegans

Why Bioglitter Does Not Hurt the Environment?

The plant-based components of Bioglitter are fully biodegradable in any environment, that is in the presence of heat, water, oxygen, and microorganisms. The more of these components, the better! So, it basically decomposes like a regular leaf.

Another great feature of this innovative eco-glitter is that it helps anaerobic digestion.

How Long Does Bioglitter Take to Biodegrade?

Generally speaking, Bioglitter needs the elements mentioned above (the more, the better, the faster!), but it usually takes less than a month to vanish leaving no trace… Once you get rid of it, this eco-glitter goes back to Mother Nature!

Does Bioglitter Help the Pollution in the Oceans?

Usually, whenever you finish wearing glitter you take a shower. It is only natural. So the most likely scenario is that the glitter you use will end up in the water stream (lakes, rivers, oceans) after going down the drain. We have learned already that microplastics in the ocean really hurt the planet, and that is why using a naturally biodegradable glitter can help our marine life so much!

You should also know that Bioglitter decomposes faster in the ocean than in the desert, and even if it gets consumed it will be decomposed by marine life’s digestion. It is all a natural process!

On the other hand, standard glitter contributes to the huge microplastics pollution in the ocean. This is what conventional glitter causes to our oceans:

  • It remains in the sea for hundreds of years because even if you want to clean the oceans, you would not be able to grab microcroplastics!

  • It gets consumed by marine life, which hurts them terribly! This can cause malnutrition and eventually death.

  • If you like seafood, we are sorry to tell you that standard glitter may make its way to your plate!

If Bio-glitter Biodegrades Fast, Does it Mean its Shelf-Life is Very Short?

Not exactly, it does not biodegrade in the package and it can last inside of it as much as conventional glitter. It could last longer if it does not get in touch with bacteria, so we suggest you grab it with a brush. If it gets in contact with the bacteria of your skin, this may trigger its breakdown.

Can Bio-glitter Be Used on Any Part of your Body?

While you have to be careful with using standard glitter in certain areas of your body (especially eyes and lips), the materials used to make Bioglitter are safe. Bio-glitter complies with all the American regulations.

Most users report Bio-glitter feels 30% to 40% softer than conventional glitter. No wonder why it is being used as cosmetic grade glitter and the fashion industry has a new love for it. But not only people in the fashion industry get to enjoy the perks of this new eco-glitter, Bio-glitter has also started to become the new trend in music festivals thanks to its convenience and sustainability.

How Convenient Is Using Bio-glitter?

The convenience of this eco-glitter lies in how easy consumers can get rid of it. There are some “biodegradable” glitters that require special conditions to start its biodegradation process. Compostable glitter, for instance, needs a compostable terrain to decompose. Now, think of this, when you get home with a festival hangover, would you pick up your glitter piece by piece to take it to compostable bin?

Even if you are very conscious about the environment, the most likely scenario is that you just want to jump into the shower and let the water take care of it, right? That is why compostable glitter and other so-called “biodegradable” glitter do not work. It has to be naturally biodegradable so that it guarantees it will leave no trace in the environment.

What Guarantees Bio-glitter Is Naturally Biodegradable?

Bio-glitter has been independently tested by TÜV and was granted the OK Biodegradable WATER certification, which guarantees biodegradability in any natural environment. If you want to look for an actual biodegradable glitter, you have to be sure it holds this certification. Please be aware that if the glitter you want to get does not have it, then it most likely contains microplastics.

Other important recognitions and guarantees of Bioglitter include:

  • Winning the ‘Green and Sustainability’ category in PCHI Fountain Awards, China 2019

  • Winning Gold for innovation at in-cosmetics global 2018, the world’s most prestigious cosmetic raw material exhibition

  • Complying with all the current and future legislation on microplastics

  • Complying with global cosmetic and rinse off legislation, including USA legislation for use on lips

  • Creating the first 100% plastic free glitter in history! It is the eco-friendliest glitter in the world!

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What Products Can You Get with Bioglitter?

There are two main products you can get with Bioglitter. One is the original game changer in the glitter industry and the other one is the most revolutionary glitter ever created.

Please get to know them better before choosing one:

Bio-glitter SPARKLE or our 92% Collection

  • Considered the original game changer in the industry

  • It has the brightest effect in the Bioglitter family

  • Based on plant material rather than plastic

  • It will naturally biodegrade in the environment

  • It contains a minimal amount of plastic for brightness

  • It can be used in cosmetics, decoration, and arts and crafts

  • It aims to remove the final trace of plastic any time soon!

Bio-glitter PURE or our 100% Plastic Free Collection 

    • The world’s first 100% plastic free glitter!

It sets a new environmental standard for the glitter industry

  • It feels softer than any other glitter in your skin

  • It does not contain any heavy metal (no aluminum)

  • It has eco-credentials never achieved by any other glitter!

  • It is used in cosmetics, but it is robust enough to be used in household, coating, printing and decorative applications

  • It is definitely the top environmentally friendly glitter in the world!

What About the Price?

This is perhaps the only downside of Bioglitter (at the moment!). Since getting the raw materials to make this top eco-glitter is more expensive than plastic glitter, the price for the Bioglitter products tend to be higher. Beware of Biodegradable glitters that cost the same as plastic glitter! When Bioglitter becomes the new standard in glitter, the higher demand will push price down.

Bio-glitter Is Already Causing Big Buzz in the Media!

Luckily, many people are already spreading the word about a real eco-glitter that is changing the way people want their sparkle these days. Influencers and celebrities are helping to get the message across, we have to stop using products that hurt the environment; enough is enough! 

But not only famous people are talking about Bioglitter, important media outlets are also showing interest.

CNN recently wrote a piece about us. It explores the beginning of our interest in bringing a sustainable glitter option to the American people. Although we have been on the market for one year it is very encouraging to know that people are realizing the importance of using environmentally friendly products to replace those that have hurt the planet for so long.

We hope that more people join the movement for a greener environment, the planet is already warning us: If we do not get our act together we may soon start paying the consequences of damaging our home. For glitter lovers, the light at the end of the pollution tunnel is Bioglitter.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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