What Type of Glitter Is Safe to Use in Eyeshadow? The Best Natural Glitter Makeup!

Did you know you can get glowing with natural makeup now? Many products are advertised every day promising to instantly make you shine, but how safe are they for the planet? Or even more intriguing; how safe are they for you? You may be shocked to find out that mainstream makeup is a risk to everybody!

Oh, glitter! How much we love you! But how bad you can be for the environment! In case you didn't know, mainstream glitter is made out of dangerous aluminum and plastic particles (microplastics) that cannot be filtered out of the water and end up harming the planet. The time has come to start using natural glitter makeup and here we tell you how to do it.

How to create looks using Natural Glitter Makeup?

  • Before adding any makeup, make sure your skin is well hydrated and use a moisturizer first.

  • If you want your eyes to look fresh and super-wide – even if you have been partying for a long time – you should try using a white liner and some shimmer, draw some lines around your eyes and then apply glitter. This will help your eyes look less red and more vivid!

  • Another great tip is to line the inner corner of your eyes; this will help your eyes to look further apart. Also, if you place a highlighter above your eyes they will always look open!

  • Placing highlighters on strategic areas of your face causes different effects. For instance; placing it on your forehead will accentuate it, and also on your cheekbones. But if you want your nose to look straight, you can place it over it, too!

  • Highlighters over and/or below your lips will make them look bigger!

Why Do We Have to Use Natural Glitter Makeup?

Standard glitter can be very toxic for our planet. Replacing glitter with an eco-friendly alternative is urgent!. Using plant-based glitter will help your skin and the planet. It is not only makeup! Just think on the many applications glitter has:

  • You also see it in clothes, shoes, purses, and basically on anything that needs to stand out.

  • Let’s not forget the fine glitter bulk used for artistic endeavors and the mess it can create when kids use it for arts & crafts projects.

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Bio-glitter is definitely innovating when we needed it the most. It is causing such an impact that important media outlets like CNN are already talking about this alternative for standard glitter. Why is this natural glitter safe for you and the planet? Let’s take a look;

  • Instead of using microplastics, Bio-glitter uses plant-derived materials, so it does not matter where it ends up, it will be harmless.

  • Bio-glitter is natural glitter makeup that has been tested to prove its biodegradability in the natural environment and complies with all regulations for use in any part of your body!

  • Bio-glitter can be used in cosmetics and personal care applications, for decorative purposes, coatings, fabrics, and arts & crafts projects.

As you can see, there are many possibilities to have fun with natural glitter makeup. You can start replacing mainstream makeup with natural and fine glitter bulk for a guilt-free sparkle! Our planet will thank you!

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure

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