How to remove acrylic glitter and acrylic nails?

The nail salon uses a method to remove acrylic nails that may look too scary to recreate by yourself. But removing acrylic nails at home is not necessarily a nightmare. Actually, it is the same method but without electric tools, and saves you money and time! 

My nails grew up and the acrylic glitter looks awful! 

If you like neat nails and hate how acrylic nails look when they grow, keep reading to find out how to solve that.

Scheduling appointments at the nail salon can be a bit tedious due to the availability of the place or, more importantly, your free time. In addition, we must currently take into account factors such as social distancing, appointment scheduling rules, avoiding crowded places, and everything related to COVID-19.

So why don’t we try removing them safely at home? Without wasting time driving to the place and back home, and with the advantage of doing it from the comfort of your home perhaps while enjoying your favorite tv show! No more hideous gaps between your cuticles and the acrylic glitter nails.

A lot of nail art experts have revealed how to get rid of this ugly look in case you can not make it to the nail salon on time. The best way to do it according to them is by soaking the nails in pure acetone for at least 15 minutes, and with the help of a nail file remove all the product.

Whether you are at home or in the beauty salon, always check that your favorite nail polish uses naturally biodegradable glitter. You will come across an infinite number of brands and types of nail polish that claim to be natural and biodegradable when they actually contain microplastics, which cannot be separated from the rest of the garbage when discarded.

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How do I tell if a product is truly biodegradable?

The best way to avoid greenwashing is to be well informed about the ingredients that make up the products you want to purchase and educate on deceiving terminology. You can also check if they have any type of third-party certification that proves their biodegradability.

You can find all these eco-friendly features on BioglitterTM. Its 100% plastic-free collection reaches 92% of biodegradation in just 28 days! It just needs natural conditions to do it, like bacteria, microorganisms, and water. It has an OK Biodegradable certification granted by TÜV. Plus, it's cruelty-free, toxic-free, GMO-free, CMR-free, and allergen-free. If you live in North or South America, you can easily access it through Today Glitter.

Now let’s get deep into the steps to remove the acrylic glitter nails. For this, you will only need:

  • A glass bowl (deep enough to cover half of your finger length)

  • 100% Pure acetone

  • A nail file

  • Your favorite essential oil or cuticle moisturizing oil

  1. Pour the 100% pure acetone in the glass bowl, enough to cover the entire nail length. 

  1. Soak your nails in the bowl for about 15 minutes, find a comfortable position to sit, and relax your hand. You will start noticing how the acrylic glitter nails start softening and getting a gooey texture as the minutes pass. Acetone helps to easily dissolve acrylic and other materials.

  1. When the 15 minutes are up, use the nail file to remove the acrylic glitter nail until your nail is completely free of it.

  1.  Get hydrated! Exposing the fingers to acetone can dehydrate the nail, cuticles, and skin on the fingertips. It's time to hydrate them with revitalizing cuticle oil or essential oil.

Once you have removed your acrylic nails, you are ready to put on a new color, maybe try the champagne glitter design that is very fashionable. Or check out what you need to replicate this Golden Violet Nails style.

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