How to find true Biodegradable Wholesale Glitter?

As the world is facing the biggest plastic pollution problem in history. Glitter consumers are looking for more eco-friendly alternatives to get their shiny cosmetic without hurting the environment, but their next step is to find exactly where to buy true biodegradable glitter.

Plastic is fouling the planet. We depend so much on plastics that we have put it in almost all the industries, including the cosmetics industry. There has been a reaction in glitter consumers that are now looking for places to get the best biodegradable glitter, whether it is wholesale glitter or bulk glitter - or any kind of glitter, and many alternatives are popping up…

Watch out for fake “biodegradable” glitters!

As these environmentally friendly alternatives are being introduced to the market, there is now a plethora of companies claiming that they offer “biodegradable” glitter, but make no mistake; there are certain things you need to know before finding out where to buy biodegradable glitter. The problems with most of these companies are:

  • They do not define how much of their glitter is biodegradable and the biodegradability certification organisms recommend that at least 90% of the glitter has to biodegrade in nature in order to claim it is an actual biodegradable product.

  • They do not define how long it takes for their glitter to biodegrade, when the advisable thing is that it does so in approximately 30 days in nature.

  • They do not define the environment in which their glitter biodegrades, when the only useful thing is that it biodegrades in fresh water. Biodegrading in compostable terrains and recycling facilities is not useful if glitter consumers want to stop plastic pollution.

  • They do not define if their glitter is environmentally safe, that is the ecotoxicity levels of their glitter. You do not want any plastic or heavy metals in your glitter.

Look for certified biodegradable glitters. Another thing you need to know if you are looking for real biodegradable glitter (whether it is wholesale glitter, bulk glitter, cosmetic glitter, etc.) is that the fake biodegradable glitter does not have any independent testing to certify their actual biodegradability. You always have to look for the OK Biodegradable WATER Certification in any glitter you are getting to help the environment. Having this certification is having the guarantee that;

  • More than 90% of the glitter’s content does biodegrade in the natural environment

  • The glitter biodegrades in less than 30 days

  • The glitter biodegrades naturally in fresh water environments such as rivers and lakes

  • The glitter was evaluated and found not to be ecotoxic to aquatic life

Being completely or almost completely plastic-free is another guarantee that your glitter is actually biodegradable.

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The true biodegradable glitter

As it usually happens in the organic products market, some companies offer non-certified organic products as if they were actually organic-certified. Something quite similar happens with biodegradable glitter, but you have to make sure your glitter is accordingly certified. Bioglitter has passed all the necessary tests to provide you with that certainty.

Although the biodegradability certification is quite expensive and very difficult to get, Bioglitter has made the efforts to guarantee you it is an actual biodegradable glitter. It has more than 90% of naturally biodegradable rate for all its glitter, which comes in many forms, including: wholesale glitter, bulk glitter, cosmetic glitter, etc.

Where to buy biodegradable glitter?

Now that you know what to look for when getting a biodegradable glitter, you need to find out who can offer you Bioglitter products. Today Glitter is the only authorized representative of Bioglitter in the US and it provides you with products that are all certified to biodegrade in nature.

All certificates come with a unique serial number, which makes it easy to identify the biodegradable glitter that is real and the one that is phony. Since the industry of biodegradable glitter is a new market, many are the companies that will try to fool you offering so-called “biodegradable” products, but you – as a conscious glitter consumer – need to make sure you are buying from reputable certified sources.

Besides Today Glitter, Blue Sun International is another company that can guarantee you it markets truly certified Bioglitter products. In any of these two companies you can find the kind of biodegradable glitter you are looking for, whether it is bulk glitter, wholesale glitter, cosmetic glitter, retail glitter, etc.

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