Can You Put Gold Flakes In Candles?

Yes, you can put gold flakes in candles! Glittery candles are great for all types of occasions such as birthdays, weddings, holiday gifts, or just around the house. All that glitters is truly gold, and in order to up your candle ante, it is important to add gold flakes to your candles to give them that extra pizzaz you are looking for. 

Now that you know you can absolutely put gold flakes in candles, you are probably wondering exactly how to do it. Read on to learn about what supplies you’ll need, how to add gold flakes or any glitter into your candles, and why you should use Bioglitter in them instead of commercial-grade glitter.

What You’ll Need

Before we get into the step-by-step instructions to add gold flakes into your candles, we need to make sure you have everything you need to get the job done properly. Here is a list of the essentials:

  • Glass jars ( we use four for this recipe and how-to)

  • Wax pieces. We prefer soy because they are better for the environment. The equation to find out how many pieces you need is as follows:

    • The number of candles you are maxing multiplied by the amount of wax glass jar will hold divided by 20.

  • 8” wicks

  • Glue dots

  • Essential oil of choice for the scent

  • Light corn syrup ( about ⅛ cups for four candles)

  • Bioglitter which can be bought here

  • Medium-sized paintbrush

  • Paper straw (they are biodegradable!)

Step-By-Step Instructions to Make Your Candles

Now that all your ingredients are together, its time to make some gorgeous candles! Here are the instructions on how to do it:

  1. Grab your paintbrush and dip it in the corn syrup. Apply a light coat inside your jar.

  2. Pick your favorite Bioglitter, put some inside the jar, and move it around. It will stick the light corn syrup.

  3. Pour out any excess glitter.

  4. Grab a glue dot, your straw, and your wick. Make sure to place the wick in your jaw, using the glue dot to adhere it to the bottom. It makes it so much easier in the long run. 

  5. Melt your wax according to the instructions it comes with.

  6. Pour the wax into your mason jar or other glass jars you are using.

  7. Let the wax cool.

  8. Trim the wick.

  9. Enjoy your candle!

Bioglitter VS. Traditional Glitter

It is important to use Bioglitter when making candles with glitter in them. Bioglitter is naturally biodegradable, meaning it is much better for the earth than traditional glitter. Bioglitter is also free of microplastics, which is one of the major causes of earth's pollution. 

It is important to be conscious of the materials we use when making candles because a lot of traditional products can be harmful to our environment. The use of soy wax, essential oils, and Bioglitter allow us to reduce our footprint on the earth while enjoying the same benefits candles can give us.

Bioglitter’s Credentials

Bioglitter has the OK Biodegradeable Water certification, which is the highest third-party certification recognized globally for biodegradability. This means that when our glitter is mixed with fresh water like a lake, pond, or stream, it will break down. Traditional glitters will stay behind, causing pollution in its wake.

Additionally, Bioglitter breaks down up to 92% faster than other eco glitter products on the market. This means that when you are done with your candle and need to make a new one, you do not have to worry about rinsing the glitter down the drain. Within four weeks, it will almost be completely broken down.


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Bioglitter Isn’t Flammable

Another concern many people have regarding glitter is its flammability. No one wants to add fuel to the fire, literally, when making a candle. Many people already fear the open flame of a candle and the risk they take by lighting one inside. 

Bioglitter does not add to the flammability of a candle. On the contrary, the glitter literally burns into ask instead of burning. Why? Its call comes down to the core used inside the glitter.

Bioglitter uses a unique plant cellulose core within its glitter. Because it is derived from eucalyptus, the glitter turns to ash when it comes into contact with an open flame. This means you do not have to worry about an unruly fire. Traditional glitter, on the other hand, uses microplastics in its core, attributing to a higher flammability factor.

It’s Better For Your Breathing

Bioglitter is also better for your breathing than a traditional glitter candle. This is because Bioglitter does not contain plastic. If it is paired with a soy candle, it is even healthier. The harsh chemicals found in traditional glitters and candle waxes can cause harm to your lungs when the smoke from burning them is inhaled. Bioglitter does not have microplastics, providing a clean burn.

Bioglitter also does not contain carcinogens which are cancer-causing chemicals and compounds that can cause your risk for cancer to increase.  Not only will you save the earth while using this glitter, but you are also saving yourself from potentially unnecessary health risks.

Bioglitter Isn’t Only For Candles

If you are excited to use Bioglitter for your candles, you will be even more excited to know that there are different types of Bioglitter for different types of uses. Bioglitter Deco is great for candles. But did you know that there is Bioglitter Pure and Bioglitter Sparkle available for your cosmetic needs?

That’s right; you can continue to get that extra sparkle in your life by using Bioglitter in your cosmetics. Bioglitter Pure and Bioglitter Sparkle also are free of microplastics, which are beneficial for your skin and health. They come in an entire array of colors that can be mixed and used with the makeup that you have at home. Do you like the look below? Click here to see how it is made!

Bioglitter Is An Investment For Our Earth and Our Bodies

Bioglitter is a great investment, no matter which way you look at it. Not only is it great for crafts, but it is also safe and recommended for use in cosmetics. By using Bioglitter in your candlemaking journey, not only will you help save the hearth, but you will also save your health.

Bioglitter Sparkle & Bioglitter Pure


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