Deco Collection - Starter Bundle - Size Large - 6 gr Bottles

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World’s first 92% plastic-free arts & crafts biodegradable glitterBright, colorful, and soft eucalyptus-based glitter. Today Glitter is the first glitter that received a third-party certification verifying that it degrades in the natural environment. Any other biodegradable glitter not from Bio-glitter does not verify this claim. Today Glitter is 40% softer than regular plastic glitter. 


Large is 040


12 Today Glitter bottles in size Large for the arts & craft lover. Each bottle contains 6 grams of Bioglitter™️ Deco in the following colors: Dark blue, Power Red, Forest Green, Karat Gold, Argentum Silver, Metallic Copper, Purple, Flamingo Pink, Active Fuchsia, Light Blue, Light Gold, and Turquoise Sea. 

The look includes

Deco Active Fuchsia

6G Deco Active Fuchsia (L)

Deco Argentum Silver

6G Deco Argentum Silver (L)

Deco Dark Blue

6G Deco Dark Blue (L)

Deco Flamingo Pink

6G Deco Flamingo Pink (L)

Deco Forest Green

6G Deco Forest Green (L)

Deco Karat Gold

6G Deco Karat Gold (L)

Deco Azul Claro

6G Deco Light Blue (L)

Deco Light Gold

6G Deco Light Gold (L)

Deco Metallic Cooper

6G Deco Metallic Cooper (L)

Deco Power Red

6G Deco Power Red (L)

Deco Purple

6G Deco Purple (L)

Deco Turquoise Sea

6G Deco Turquoise Sea (L)

Around 90% biodegrades in the natural environment in 30 days

  • Libre de CMR

  • Libre de Crueldad

  • Libre de GMO

  • Libre de alérgenos

  • Biodegradable

  • No tóxico




No más microplásticos en el océano

Today Glitter está comprometido a reducir los microplásticos en el océano