3 Bioglitter with Stencil Bundle

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Perfect combination of Eco-glitter and HD Stencils. Ideally for both kids and adults alike.

This bundle includes:

1 Dragon Fly Stencil 

1 Key Stencil 

1 Ring Stencil 

1 Today Glitter Glue for Stencils

3 Today Glitter signature 6 gr glass bottles 

The pack includes

HD Stencils Dragonfly

1X Stencil (Dragonfly)


1X Glue

HD Stencils Key

1X Stencil (Key)

No-Plastic ICE FROST

6G No- Plastic Frost Small

No-Plastic GOLD

6G No-Plastic Gold Medium

No-Plastic GOLD

6G No-plastic Gold Small

HD Stencils Ring

1X Stencil (Ring)

Around 90% biodegrades in the natural environment in 30 days

  • cmr free

  • Cruelty-free

  • gmo free

  • Allergen free

  • Biodegradable

  • non-toxic

How to

Use it

Remove it

No more microplastics in the ocean

Today glitter is committed to reduce microplastics in the ocean.