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  • How to Spot Fake Biodegradable Glitter?

    How to Spot Fake Biodegradable Glitter?

    You may think you are doing good for the environment buying a so-called “biodegradable” glitter, but does it really biodegrade in nature? Read this article to know how to be sure you are actually getting an eco-friendly alternative. We have removed all the guesswork for you to choose the right one! Many new types of glitter are being developed to tackle the micro-plastic pollution, in which traditional plastic-based glitter plays an important role, but claiming to be “biodegradable” is not good enough. It has to be proven your glitter does biodegrade in the natural environment to be sure you are...

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  • Does Natural Glitter Exist?

    Does Natural Glitter Exist?

    People all over the globe are learning that plastic glitter is terrible for the environment. It is being banned from music festivals in the UK and scientists recommend stopping using it immediately. Is this the end of glitter as we know it? There is always fun when glitter is involved. The sparkle makes us feel young, part of a tribe and alive… We definitely want glitter in our lives! But most of it is made from micro-plastics which makes conventional glitter a huge problem for the environment. This is why the need for a natural glitter is becoming urgent. Plastic...

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  • How to Get Rid of Glitter: Plastic-free Glitter

    How to Get Rid of Glitter: Plastic-free Glitter

    One of the biggest fears of wearing glitter is how to get rid of it once it has been applied. If you are looking for ways to remove glitter, or if you are conscious about the environment and want to eliminate glitter completely after using it, you will be surprised with a plant-based glitter that makes things easier than you think. We all love using glitter for crafts, decoration, and makeup, but after celebrating that special moment, do you still find glitter all over the place and it is driving you crazy? Relax! We know cleaning glitter is an infuriating...

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  • Cosmetic Grade Glitter: Instagram Influencers Best Friend

    Cosmetic Grade Glitter: Instagram Influencers Best Friend

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  • Today Glitter: The favorite Cosmetic Grade Glitter of Grammy Winners

    Today Glitter: The favorite Cosmetic Grade Glitter of Grammy Winners

    Many are the types of glitter being used in fashion walkways, music festivals, and other celebrations full of color and brightness, but only one type is becoming THE ONE for artists who are aware of the danger standard glitter represents to the environment. The showbiz is full or sparkle, glamour, and other elements that get the attention of many people. That is why it is common to see many performers wearing cosmetic grade glitter on their bodies. However, the damage it causes to our planet is getting bigger and bigger and a new type of glitter had to be invented....

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  • Compostable Glitter Is Actually Bad!

    Compostable Glitter Is Actually Bad!

    Learn the truth about the many alternatives to standard glitter being introduced to the market. Are all of them good? What companies can you trust? Being “biodegradable” is good enough? The cosmetics industry needed to develop an alternative as we learned more and more about the damage plastic glitter causes to the environment. Many companies rushed to make claims that lead to as many misconceptions as products being offered. 10 Things You Should Know by Now about Plastic Glitter; Plastic glitter is not good for the environment It easily passes through the water filtration systems Ends up as garbage floating...

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